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Blur Review

Arcade racers are a special kind of genre that has always enjoyed a lot of popularity – with that in mind, it’s very strange that the genre has been so dormant lately, with no real notable titles coming out. Even the Need for Speed series, which were the icon of that genre for most people, […]

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Skate 3 Review

The skating genre in video games has generally been dominated by two franchises – the Tony Hawk series, and Skate. While Tony Hawk’s line has been seeing more and more additions since it was started a while back, Skate hasn’t been that much actively developed – only a handful of games have come out so […]

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Dark Void Review

Dark Void is a third-person shooter published by the hugely famous Capcom and developed by the not so well-known Airtight Games. The game borrows its plot elements from various places in popular culture, and even though it didn’t sell so well, players and critics alike still acknowledged it for the innovative gameplay and story twists, […]

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