TibiaME Mobile MMORPG Now Available for Android


TibiaME Mobile MMORPG Now Available for Android

TibiaME continues its path across platforms. Originally released in 2003 for Symbian phones only, the first MMORPG subsequently conquered all other platforms which crossed its path. Just recently, CipSoft has released the eagerly awaited Android client for its critically acclaimed mobile MMORPG TibiaME.

The groundwork had already been provided, when we ported TibiaME to the iPhone. explains Benjamin Zuckerer, Product Manager for TibiaME. With all the new high-res graphics and touch screen support, the next step towards Android has been quite easy.

All in all, TibiaME now comes with a Symbian-, an iPhone-, a Blackberry-, a Java- and last but not least a browser-client. It doesn't matter which client the players are using, they are still able to play together on the same servers. This makes TibiaME one of the first real cross-platform MMORPGs.

“As most of the mobile content developers out there, we see great potential in the Android market and the first sales and download figures seem to proof this assumption,” says Zuckerer. “Well see, what's up next.”

In addition to the new client, CipSoft has just released its annual autumn update for TibiaME. Regular updates add new content like monsters or quests to the game. This years autumn update also includes a revamp of some older areas like Ashmor and Vargos.