Scribblenauts Review


Scribblenauts Review

Underneath an exterior of what initially seems to be a rather childish game, lies a true gem that many players have adopted as their favorite lunch break title. Scribblenauts is based on a truly unique premise, but it's also been executed very professionally – the game feels smooth, varied, and last but not least – complete.


In Scribblenauts, you have to solve a variety of puzzles that range from simply getting to a point, to rescuing someone or collecting some item. The way you solve those puzzles though is completely unique and a true marvel of innovation – you spawn items on your screen by simply typing in the object's name!

There are literally thousands of objects available, and you'll have to try very hard until you find a word that actually doesn't exist (provided you don't jump to profanities straight away, of course). From everyday items like pieces of furniture, to weapons and even complete characters – whatever way you can think of to cleverly solve the puzzle at hand, you'll probably be able to do it.

Of course, you're not completely unlimited in what you can do, as some of the levels pose limitations on the items you can use to complete them – but you'll hardly feel restricted while playing Scribblenauts, as each level has probably dozens of different solutions to it. This adds to the game's replay value tremendously, and you'll keep coming back to your favorite levels with new ideas on approaching their respective problems – we can guarantee you that.

Graphics and System Requirements

Scribblenauts wouldn't have been so fun if it wasn't presented in such an attractive way though – everything is done in a cute animated style, and all of the items look completely unique and you can immediately tell what is what without even having to look at their descriptions.

The levels will take you around all sorts of places, from snowy mountain tops to jungles, and every time you'll be given a problem that looks, as well as feels, unique and different from the previous one. If you look closely you'll notice a meticulous amount of detail to every object, but also the background scenery – while they never look cluttered or overdone.


The interface may trouble you a bit at first, but even though it may look slightly daunting, it's actually very easy to adapt to, and the game's comprehensive help section should keep you informed on anything you might be missing. If you ever feel truly lost, you can always try your luck online, where various communities are actively discussing the numerous possible solutions to the game's levels.


Put down that joystick and quit blasting your shotgun at generic-looking enemies for once. When you're given something as unique and inspiring as Scribblenauts, you have no excuse for letting it slip by – it's a game that deserves every bit of your attention.