My Ikariam experience…


My Ikariam experience…

Just a warning to those who are curious on this game: Do NEVER ever spend real money on it, unless you spend time to make sure you know every little intricate detail of the game rules.

My story will tell you why:

A group of 5 people at work decided to play the game “Ikariam” (also from Gameforge) together and we formed an alliance. During a lunch break, we figured out that we should help one of our colleague by sending him some materials. And so we did. All of us.

Some days later, 3 of us got permanently banned from the game because we had co-operated while sitting on the same network (behind the same firewall). According to the game rules, this is illegal. If we had done the exact same thing, but from our home-networks, it would had been legal, according to the rules Gameforge had created. Everyone reading the License Agreements on all applications and games they play, please raise your hands now.

Getting banned is one thing. We also lost a lot of money. Gameforge do not reimburse the money we had left on our account when they decided to ban us. This make me question their ethical values…

So 3 out of 5 was banned. What happened to the other 2? They did the exact same thing from the same network, why didn't they get banned? I don't know, but they have not heard a thing from Gameforge.

And the dumbest thing, according to the “support” people: We can create new accounts and then spend more money on those… yeah right. :-/