Mini Ninjas Review


Mini Ninjas Review

In this age where every new game looks like a rehash of the one before it, it's always refreshing to see developers being brave and stepping in a different direction for a change. Mini Ninjas instantly grabs your attention even with its title, and as soon as you've seen just a few screenshots of it, you realize that this isn't your regular, formulaic game, but rather something new and unique.


In Mini Ninjas, the player controls a cute little ninja character which sets out on a quest to stop the game's main antagonist from world domination – a somewhat cliched story, but that's not the important thing here. The game plays heavily on its environment, allowing the player to hide in tall grass and sneak up on his enemies undetected, while also climbing obstacles and using them to his/her advantage.

Animals play an important role in the gameplay as well, as when you come up against one, you'll be able to control it and use it to solve any problems you have at hand at the moment. While the animals can sometimes be rather useless, some of the more powerful ones can really turn the tide of the battle and help you progress through the level unhindered – for example, the bear.

Graphics and System Requirements

The art style in Mini Ninjas is part of what makes this game such a delight – with the unique, lovable characters you get, you can't help but come back for another round quickly after you've put the joystick/keyboard down. Everything is drawn in bright, sharply contrasting colors that make up a playful color scheme, thanks to which you can recognize the game the instant you see it.

If you're playing it on the PC, your computer shouldn't struggle much with it, as it's been optimized very well. The requirements are low for today's standards, and even if you do find yourself getting low framerates when playing it, you can still turn down some of the graphics settings and you should be fine. There aren't any effects that are very heavy on your computer, like dynamic lighting or high-density heightmaps on the textures, but that doesn't stop the game from having its unique look we described above.


Mini Ninjas has been designed with being family-friendly in mind – so if you're looking for something to spend time with your kids on, this can be a very good solution. According to the ESRB, the game is suitable for anyone over 10 years old, though we can safely say that even the younger ones should be able to enjoy it, as long as you're around.


It doesn't matter how old you are – this type of game is something that's easily suitable for all ages and genders. If you can appreciate a high-quality artistic style with lots of humor thrown in for a good measure, Mini Ninjas will definitely be your thing.