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Gothic Vampire-Themed MMO: Moonlight Online Sneak Preview

IGGs first vampire-themed 3DMMORPG, Moonlight Online will finally make its debut as the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn releases its magic in cinemas all over the world, igniting yet another frenzy on all things vampiric and lycan.

Moonlight Online will allow gamers to immerse themselves in a vast world teeming with wonder and mystery. Gothic metropolises, verdant countryside and vast moonlit wastelands await exploration as players choose from 3 races immortal vampires with their immense grace and strength, massive werewolves representing ultimate speed and fury, or blessed humans endowed with great intelligence and courage. Once the faction is chosen, they will plant themselves in the midst of the most epic tales which bespeak of the torn and forbidden interracial romances.

With state-of-the-art graphics and a cutting-edge game engine, Moonlight Online has a myriad of game features and mechanics which promise the most enjoyable and sensational gaming experience, such as the dynamic day-night cycle system, the unique Soul equipment system, and of course the death-defying park our moves that characters will get to execute as they traverse the supernatural universe in the game.

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