Fat Princess Review


Fat Princess Review

Fat Princess is one of the rare examples of how you can have a good teamplay-based game on the PS3 that doesn't involve modern guns or soldiers. Even though it didn't turn out to be such a good seller, it still holds some great qualities that can make it worth your while and definitely a game to keep you playing for more than just a few rounds. It doesn't matter if you find a server full of experienced players or are trying to learn the ropes with other folks, it's still a fantastic experience.


The game is set in a medieval world, and has a cartoony look to it that makes it resemble some classic animated TV shows. The basic premise is simple – it's a Capture the Flag game, only in this case instead of a flag you're using a rather overweight princess. Your team is split up in various classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses – players coming from games like Team Fortress 2 may find the idea similar – and some of them need to cater to the princess's needs, while others are tasked with fighting the enemy.

One of the team's common goals is to feed the enemy princess with cakes, which makes her grow fatter – this makes it much more difficult for her team to get her back to their base once you've captured her and started moving her on the way to your own. The gameplay is very intense and varied, and the different classes should keep you entertained for long enough – as soon as you get bored of playing, you can just switch to another class instead of leaving the game.

Graphics and System Requirements

The engine used has been developed for the game specifically, and handles its job quite well – the cartoony, exaggerated art style of the game is presented really nicely, and all the colors are vibrant and contrasting, making it easy to locate the important gameplay objectives, while also giving you enough detail to keep your eyes pleased.

We can't talk about requirements here obviously, and the game's framerates shouldn't be questionable to you either – considering it's only developed for one platform and its derivative, the optimization thrown in is enough to keep it running very smoothly at all times, even during intense battles. On top of all that, the HUD (heads-up display) makes a throwback to the good old days of games like Zelda, and the overall style of the game is reminiscent of those times a well.


If you're playing the game on the PSP, you'll actually get to enjoy several new additions to it, like game modes, levels, and some customization options. This shouldn't mean to you that the PS3 version is lacking though – quite the opposite, both are more or less equal in the overall level of enjoyment they can deliver, it's just that the PSP version came out a bit later and the developers have had a bit more time to throw in some extra content.


It may look like a kids' game, but underneath the bright cartoony looks lies a deep game with solid gameplay that has the potential to become your next favorite if you enjoy online team-based games.