Cursed Mountain Review


Cursed Mountain Review

In Cursed Mountain, you'll get a tasty dose of survival horror mixed with adventure and exploration, with just a perfect balance of the two to keep the game entertaining for long enough. And unlike most other titles that have the word “horror” simply slapped underneath their names, Cursed Mountain focuses on genuinely scaring you and tickling that part of your brain that makes you turn around in a paranoid manner – all without a single droplet of blood or any gore at all.


The game is played from a third-person perspective, something which is becoming quite common for the adventure games coming out lately (as scarce as they have been). There's a strong element of exploration, with all of the levels featuring intricate pathways for you to move through and collect valuable items. On the other hand, you'll have to do a fair bit of fighting if you want to survive, which should keep you on your toes like a true horror should. The story takes place a few decades ago in the Himalayas, and is riddled with elements of evil, spirits, and the unknown.

As we mentioned earlier, there's no gore involved in Cursed Mountain – you may find this contradictory to the combat element we mentioned above, but there's a very rational explanation – you won't be fighting any live enemies – not humans, not zombies, not even the odd mutated rat – instead, all of your adversaries will come in the form of spirits which you must first slay and then free their souls.

Graphics and System Requirements

The graphics look okay for an adventure game – the engine performs nicely, the environment is detailed and there are some very cool-looking effects used at times. Not everything is so perfect though – for example, the player's character has been animated rather poorly, some textures end up missing, and graphical artifacts in general can be seen here and there. They don't ruin the overall feeling of the game though. One thing we would change if we could would be to turn up the brightness in some areas, too.


You may feel a bit frustrated by the game's controls from time to time, and the level designs may give you a few problems in that they tend to be slightly repetitive. That shouldn't deter you much from finishing the game though, and some of its more successful elements, like the music score, will surely make up for those problems.


Cursed Mountain is one of those horror games that you can pick up and almost play in one run, simply because the story ties you down so strongly. It's a pleasing game, and despite the premise should be quite entertaining even to those who don't enjoy scaring themselves all too much. It may not be a game you'll come back to and finish it a second time, but your first run will be memorable.